2016 Courses and Retreats in the UK

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May 26-29: Dumfries, Scotland:

Baraka: The Sufi Way of Blessing

A Sufi Retreat with Pir Shabda Kahn and Murshid Saadi Shakur Chishti

Meditation, mantra, Dances of Universal Peace, Sufi zikr, walking meditation, and a range of practice from the diversity of world spiritual traditions on the subject of heart-magnetism, which the Sufis call baraka.

"Love itself is the great phenomenon, and it is needed more than ever today because of the huge, catastrophic, destructive forces unleashed upon earth. However, love without self-sacrifice is very limited in its scope; it may even be useless. Therefore, the God-realized person comes to establish centers for the transmissions of love and blessings, and these sacred centers may be called temples, whether there are buildings there or not."

--Murshid Samuel L. Lewis, "Introduction to Spiritual Brotherhood."

 Contact: Maris Warrior: Tel. 07561 108808 sufi@mariswarrior.com


June 17-19: near Inverness, Scotland

Green Sufism
with Neil Douglas-Klotz

This weekend retreat at Anam Cara focuses on resources from Sufi and Islamic spiritual traditions, particularly the "99 Beautiful Names." These invite us into a deeply ecological experience of the human soul and its purpose in consonance with the whole natural world and all beings.

Sometimes we consider life as an illness for which we need a remedy. Sometimes we consider life as an opportunity for growth and learning. The human soul is capable of both experiences, depending upon how separate it feels from others and from the Beloved. Where we begin our exploration determines our sense of being at home in our "household," the literal meaning of the word ecology.

This retreat will also share Sufi practice, story, chant, sitting meditation, walking meditation, dhikr (remembrance practice) and Dances of Universal Peace, all of which approach the "99 Beautiful Names" as living expressions of our soul, already within us, rather than as solutions to problems that we need to download from a remote 'server' outside of us.

Neil will share practices based on his work in The Sufi Book of Life (Penguin 2005), as well as his subsequent work into additional Beautiful Names used in the Qur'an, and their earlier forms in ancient Semitic languages. In addition, he will share various approaches to experiencing sacred phrases of this type in a new way in one's own personal practice, no matter what one's spiritual tradition.

Venue: Anam Cara, Inverness, Scotland IV3 8PN, UK. www.anamcara.org
Time: Friday evening - Sunday midday.
Contact: Anam Cara: welcome@anamcara.org


October 15: Kilgraston, Perthshire, Scotland:

A Beginner's Guide to Beginner's Mind

with Neil Douglas-Klotz

This day workshop will introduce various approaches to meditation in the Sufi, Christian and Zen Buddhist traditions. In addition to sharing various shorter or longer meditations, we will explore approaches to silence in the "empty" and "full" ways, the use of paradox (in the form of Sufi stories and Zen koans), and the roles of music, chant, breathing and body awareness, compassion, devotion, releasing and forgiveness. Knowing which "flavor" of entering silence suits our temperment can help us to establish a regular practice.

Since the publication of his 1990 landmark book Prayers of the Cosmos, Neil has been one of the foremost interpreters of Yeshua's spirituality using his native Aramaic language as an experiential lens. Neil's work has been translated into multiple languages as well as used in divinity schools and training seminars for ministers throughout the world. Neil is also the author of Desert Wisdom, The Hidden Gospel, The Genesis Meditations, Blessings of the Cosmos and The Sufi Book of Life. He is the co-founder of the International Network for the Dances of Universal Peace and has shared interfaith and interspiritual retreats around the world for the past 30 years. He and his wife Natalia now live in Fife. More information about his work can be found at: www.abwoon.org


Venue: Garden Cottage Retreat and Spirituality Centre, Bridge of Earn. Kilgraston, Perthshire PH2 9HN Scotland
Time: 10:30 - 4 pm
Contact: Garden Cottage Retreat Centre adminorchard@btconnect.com
Website: http://www.gardencottagespirituality.org.uk/


December 2-6 (Friday - Monday): near Oxford, England

Strength in Silence and in Action

with Neil Douglas-Klotz and Philip O'Donohoe

A Retreat for Sufi mureeds or by permission. Meditation, zikr, Dances of Universal Peace, Walking meditation, healing practices.

with Murshids Tansen O'Donohoe and Saadi Neil Douglas-Klotz

“Sitting in silence, in composure, one works within the heart, so to speak, and then finds the whole universe within the Heart, as the Upanishads teach. And then one is able to help oneself and others and the whole world, the total manifestation.” - Murshid Samuel Lewis.

“If we look at things from the standpoint of complete spiritual development, we shall recognise that there is Peacefulness behind all manifestation and that every aspect of the manifestation gets its magnetism from this fundamental Peace. Or one can put it in the phrase: Peace is Power.” - Murshid Samuel Lewis.

For most of his life, Murshid Samuel Lewis followed the path of the Malik, a way he describes as one of “breath, silence and magnetism.” At the same time, one actively lives one’s life in the world, even or especially in troubling times.

In an important series of lessons on this theme, he shares many practices and teachings important for every Sufi mureed. All mureeds do not follow the path of the teacher, but we can all follow this way of inner and outer “mastery,” no matter how limited or wide our life’s circumstances may be.

Our annual retreat will explore these rich teachings, and share zikr, walking meditation, silent meditation, Dance, Walk and other practices applicable to healing ourselves and our communities.

Venue: Carmelite Retreat Centre, Boars Hill, Chilswell, Oxford, England OX1 5HB UK
Contact: Philip Tansen