2017 Courses and Retreats in the UK

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9-12 February: Allanton Centre, Dumfries, Scotland:

Caravan of Creation

A Sufi Retreat with Pir Shabda Kahn

and Murshid Saadi Shakur Chishti

Flyer pdf here.

Contact: Maris Warrior: Tel. 07561 108808 sufi@mariswarrior.com


24-26 February, Crewe, England

Baraka: The Energy of the Heart

with Philip O'Donohoe and Neil Douglas-Klotz

Contact: Philip Tansen


13-14 May, Kirkcaldy, Scotland

Prana: The Breath of Life and How to Live it Fully

with Philip O'Donohoe and Neil Douglas-Klotz

Flyer pdf here with registration details.

Contact: Stella Cranwell. Email: skcranwell@hotmail.com


28 September - 1 October: Allanton Centre, Dumfries, Scotland

Walking with the Stars:

Getting Insight into our Past, Present and Future

Through Walking Astrological Charts

with Neil Douglas-Klotz and Natalia Lapteva

Flyer pdf here with registration details.

Contact: Neil and Natalia, Email: njl@eial.org

13-15 October, Othona Centre, Bridport, England

Reborn from the Breath:

Further Meditations with the Aramaic Jesus

with Neil Douglas-Klotz

During this retreat, we will use teachings and practices suggested by the words of Jesus in his native Aramaic language to deepen in our own sense of rebirth and healing. This rebirth can occur when we re-connect with the timeless, always-on part of our nature that Jesus called in Aramaic ruha. In his famous conversation with Nicodemus in the Gospel of John, Yeshua recommends feeling a connected breath, non-grasping flow and life energy as keys to this rebirth. These will be our main themes as we alternate between gentle moving meditation (in the form of Dances of Universal Peace) and sitting in silence to absorb the wordless teaching further into our hearts.

Opening to the divine in this way, we can then allow ourselves to become channels for blessing and healing, both for ourselves and others. Throughout the weekend, we will explore the spirituality of Yeshua, the Middle Eastern prophet, through a mixture of teaching, silent meditation, walking meditation, chant and sacred movement. Neil will draw teachings and new Dances of Universal Peace from his most recent work on the Jesus traditions in early Aramaic Christianity as well as Islam. The retreat is open to all, some prior contemplative prayer or meditation experience is helpful.

Contact: Othona Centre, bookings@othona-bb.org.uk


1-5 December: Oxford, England

Sufi Mureeds Retreat:

Without Speech, Without Silence--The Great Way

with Murshid Saadi Neil Douglas-Klotz and

Murshid Tansen O'Donohoe


Our annual retreat will explore the rich teachings on Meditation in all of its forms from the lineage of Hazrat Inayat Khan, Murshid Samuel Lewis, Murshid Moineddin Jablonski, including Zen and Sufi practice. We will share zikr, walking meditation, silent meditation, Dance, Walk and other practices applicable to healing ourselves and our communities.

Venue: Carmelite Retreat Centre, Boars Hill, Chilswell, Oxford, England OX1 5HB UK
Contact: Philip Tansen