Banias Falls, Golan Heights, 2001

Festival 2004 Welcome


Welcome to the 1st Annual Festival of Middle Eastern Spirituality and Peace,Edinburgh, Scotland, Friday 27 February - Sunday 7 March 2004.

This Festival has been jointly organized by the Edinburgh International Centre for World Spiritualities, EICWS, and the Edinburgh Institute for Advanced Learning, EIAL, and with the support of a wide range of hosting organisations. This Festival is built around an international conference on Middle Eastern Spirituality and Peace on Thursday 4 March 2004.

This conference will seek understandings of the nature of spirituality among Middle Eastern spiritual traditions, with particular reference to the spiritual foundations for peace, and has been developed in association with, and with the support of, the other events in the Festival. We look forward to welcoming you in person to the Festival conference and events.


There is increasing awareness of the potential contribution of the world's spiritual traditions to wider society, and the need for dialogue, shared understanding, and cooperation between these traditions. Scotland has a distinctive role in meeting this global challenge. Hence, it is planned to develop this as an annual Festival in Scotland. This will not only lead to new spiritual understandings across traditions and the sharing of spiritual practices, but it will also lead to further contacts being established between Scotland and the spiritual communities of the Middle East, and to those who share an interest in such spiritual work. We aim to manifest the spiritualities under consideration as well as having informed discussions about the Spiritual Traditions of the Middle East. A background to this Festival is the recent development of the Alexandrian Declaration for supporting peace processes in the Holy Land.

Please share this information with other individuals and organisations who you think would be interested to participate in the conference and Festival. Please do get in contact if you would like to develop links to our spiritual work.


A Press Release for the Festival, Edinburgh Celebrates Middle Eastern Spirituality and Peace, is available on request, as is a Press Release for the Jewish and Muslim Peacemakers' Visit of 20 March 2003 to Edinburgh, In the Shadow of War: Peacemakers' Visit to Edinburgh Raises Hopes for Peace, which was the precursor to the 2004 Festival.


Partial funding for the Festival and associated Conference has been received from the Oneness Project and the International Network for the Dances of Universal Peace.