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Evening Event:

Forum of Middle East Faiths:

Wrecking God's Creation?

March 3

Evening Event:

Mystical Poetry and the

Middle Eastern Mind

March 4

Evening Event:

World Peace Flag Ceremony

March 7


Evening Event:

Davod Azad in Concert

March 8


Welcome to MESP


MESP: A Celebration of Diversity and Culture 

This is now the archive home page for MESP  2004-2008.

Click on the links on either side to see the events in that festival as well as to enter the archives of previous MESP festivals.

All of the principal faith and spiritual traditions of Scotland are invited to participate in this spiritual, educational, artistic and cultural and international celebration of peace and understanding. The non-political nature of the Festival allows for an exceptional diversity among the participants. In total there were over 35 events in the 2008 Festival.

The Festival is organized by the Edinburgh International Centre for Spirituality and Peace (EICSP), a Scottish Charity, and the Edinburgh Institute for Advanced Learning, EIAL, and with the support of many other organizations.

We maintain an email information list instead of a postal one. If you would like to volunteer or receive  advance information about future MESP Festivals or other events sponsored by the Edinburgh International  Centre for Spirituality and Peace, please click here.

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