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NEWS 2006

Press Releases:

21.2.06: Edinburgh College of Art MESP Exhibition

18.2.05: "From Our Perspective" Photography Exhibition

15.2.06: "Three Middle Eastern Faiths
in One Diverse European Society"

at Edinburgh University, 8 March.

10.2.06: "Pathways to Peace: the 2006 MESP  4-day conference (1-4 March)

Moroccan Hafla at McDonald Road Public Library (11.2)

Related News: Ha'aretz  news article by Rabbi Menachem Froman on the potentials for dialogue with Hamas

9.2.06: Event: Chanting a Pathway to Peace (11.2)

Event: "11th Century Persia in 21st Century Edinburgh" (24.2)

8.2.06: ‘Robert Burns meets Martin Luther King’(10.2)

6.2.06: Related News: "Free Speech and Civic Responsibility" - statement by Tariq Ramadan on the cartoon controversy

1.2.06: Glasgow Jewish Communities Events

30.1.06: Choir of London Concert (11.3)

             Community of Interbeing at MESP (various)

29.1.06: Films and Documentaries
             Peace Walks

             Filmhouse MESP Films
             Community Hosted Events
             Multi-Faith and Spiritual Forums

24.1.06: Kallistos Ware/Tariq Ramadan (2-3.3)

24.1.06: Ulfah Collective Performance (24.2)

23.1.06: Zipang Concert  (14.2)

23.1.06: 2006: One World Peace Concert

22.1.06: 2006: Filmhouse  MESP films

12.12.2005: Edinburgh Celebrates Middle Eastern Spirituality and Peace

10.12.2005: Full Festival Brochure now

available for download.

27.11.2005: Article Introducing MESP 06

23.5.2005: Final Report on MESP 2005 and

Invitaton to Participate in MESP 2006